Customized TRAINING

Training and development are the best ways to engage and motivate your staff. It leads to higher performance delivering business results immediately. We custom design training programs following the adult learning principles, specifically, Action-Reflection-Learning. This practical approach ensures knowledge acquisition as well as application.


  • Combination of instructor-led training with online follow-up
  • Templates for easy applications
  • Modular approaches for on-demand learning
  • Support to own or license the content and manage training internally


Creating room for career progression
for emerging leaders means having to
make a career transition plan for current
executives. We train them to be your
trainers and coaches giving them a
career alternative. You benefit from their
years of experience in your company
and industry, and their passion for the
company. We manage them to deliver
training and coaching for you using the
customized programs.


It’s challenging to find candidates who have the skills that your company need. Even when you hire people from the industry with experience, they don’t know how things are done in your company. That’s why Aster International trains potential candidates based on your company’s skill requirement. Our customized recruitment service not only finds candidates for you but also prepares them for your specific job requirement.

Your job requirement → Customized training program → Qualified candidates → Successful hire

Finding the ready workforce and paying for a successful hire is cost efficient and effective for performance.

  • A holistic approach to recruitment: We prepare the candidates ready for your company and a specific job. We screen their attitude and aptitude, train them for your particular skill requirement and prepare them for your company and business.
  • Efficient hiring and high performance: Candidates are ready for the job and familiar with the company from the first day, enabling you to focus your efforts on high performance and engagement.