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Why Aster

High demand for a job + Unreasonable recruitment fee for candidates + compound interest + illegal migration = human trafficking + forced labor situation + unfair labor practices

  • Over 150 million migrant workers go abroad for better opportunities.
  • Over 25 million fall victims to forced labor due to recruitment fee debts.

Our mission aligns with UN Sustainable Development Goals:

UN Sustainable goal #8

Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

  • improve employment opportunities, especially for young people,
  • reduce informal employment and labor market inequality (particularly concerning the gender pay gap),
  • promote safe and secure working environments

UN Sustainable goal #5

Empower all women and girls

Impact We Create:

  • Economic Impact:
    • Salary generated by workers
    • Revenue generated by businesses
    • Host countries get dynamic workforce contributing to tax
  • Social impact:
    • Workers’ family get decent life: housing, education, nutrition and health
    • Host countries and companies get workforce diversity

Aster International is incubated by Aster Impact, a nonprofit organization Solving social problems sustainably with social enterprises, making a better world

To know more about Aster Impact, visit www.AsterImpact.org