We are your
Social Impact Partner for recruitment

Why Aster

There are many challanges when hiring people from abroad. The biggest one is getting workers with huge amount of debt that he/she needs to cover by working for your company. In such a way you get a modern slave.

We are here to lead you through the proccess in the best way possible:

1. Looking at your employment needs

2. Searching for potential candidates through our many sources

3. Interviews with potential candidates

4. Handling all of the paperwork

5. Organizing the trip and helping the workers upon arrival with our integration process

6. While taking care of the workers needs you always get the best performing individuals, that become a part of your company

Our mission is inspired by UN Sustainable Development Goals:

UN Sustainable goal #8

Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

  • improve employment opportunities, especially for young people,
  • reduce informal employment and labor market inequality (particularly concerning the gender pay gap),
  • promote safe and secure working environments

UN Sustainable goal #5

Empower all women and girls

Impact We Create:

  • Economic Impact:
    • Salary generated by workers
    • Revenue generated by businesses
    • Host countries get dynamic workforce contributing to tax
  • Social impact:
    • Workers’ family get decent life: housing, education, nutrition and health
    • Host countries and companies get workforce diversity
Aster International is incubated by Aster Impact, a nonprofit organization Solving social problems sustainably with social enterprises, making a better world

To know more about Aster Impact, visit www.AsterImpact.org