Astra Centar CEO Leah Zveglich signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the president of the Association of Caterers, Franz Letica last January 25, 2019 in Zagreb. The MOU’s aim is to forge cooperation between the entities to carry out socially responsible hiring to support Croatia’s growing need for workers. Aster International, Astra Centar’s main company, was also in attendance through its board members notably Mr. Guillaume Sarkozy. Supporting the milestone was Ms. Tracy McWilliams, board member of Aster Impact, a US non-profit incubator that helped Aster International take off. Also in attendance was Dr. Zvonimir Šoštar, head of the Department of Public Health in Zagreb.

“This is a good step. It is very timely since Croatia is facing tremendous issues with its thin labor force,” said Mr. Letica.

Ms. Zveglich stated that the people of Croatia are wonderfully endowed with a beautiful country that needs to be shared with the world. They only need to believe in themselves. The presence of Dr. Šoštar is a welcome symbol of cooperation between the private and public sectors. He is looking into the possibility of allowing migrant workers to take the regulatory exams in a foreign language. The MOU signing was held at Stari Puntijar whose owner Mr. Zlatko Puntijar wonderfully hosted the group. The signing is an important milestone for Mr. Puntijar who has first-hand knowledge of the struggles of businesses due to the lack of workers. He is fully supportive of the cause.