Astra Centar with its new concept of socially responsible employment offers a solution for the lack of workforce in Croatia. This problem has a negative effect on businesses and hinders the economic development of the country. Astra Centar advocates equal fulfillment of requirements of both employers and employees – employers grow their business, while employees get the opportunity to work and achieve financial sustainability. Astra Centar fills the workforce gap by bringing foreign workers from Vietnam, Honduras, India, Venezuela and other regions where political or economic issues have negatively affected job availability.

In line with Astra Centar’s socially responsible hiring, it pays special attention to finding quality workers who meet the needs of Croatian employers. Astra Centar ensures that companies hire workers who can integrate at work and their new environment, and help stabilize and grow the economy.

Leah Zveglich with Sapan Kay Cee, an Indian well-known social worker and politician

Astra Centar is actively partnering with organizations and influential people in the Middle East, India, South America and other faraway countries who support its mission of providing opportunities for disadvantaged groups to get decent jobs and improve their lives.

Leah Zveglich, CEO of Astra Centar, entered into an agreement with Ms. Sapan Kay Cee as our main representative in India for recruitment. India is a massive labor market with quality workers who are ready to work abroad. India has been a great source of construction workers many of whom have experience working in the Middle East region. Ms. Sapan is a firm advocate of social impact programs and supports Astra Centar’s mission. She has championed programs for women and youth in her native country. As Astra Centar’s local representative, she is in charge of sourcing workers ensuring that they fit the qualifications required of the job. She is also supporting hired workers as they secure visas and other activities up to their day of departure.