KOPRIVNICA, CROATIA, April 2019 — The government of Koprivnica welcomed Astra Centar to their city for an information session about socially responsible hiring. Supported by city department heads and local business owners, Mayor Mišel Jakšić led the event welcoming the Astra delegation headed by Director of Regional Operations Denis Delogu.

Koprivnica is one of Croatia’s fast-progressing city being the first to attain the ISO certificate 37120 for having quality city services and high quality of life. They are seventh in Europe to receive such a certification. Dario Jembrek of the Mayor’s Office shared highlights of their efforts to make the city more attractive to investors as well as citizens such as the conversion of all of its fleet to run on clean energy, providing communal bicycles at zero costs to users, and highly attractive incentives for investors.

Denis Delogu of Astra Centar presented information about Astra Centar’s commitment to socially responsible hiring and efforts to bring foreign workers to the country. He introduced Astra’s business nature as a social enterprise and benefit corporation. This is first-time Croatia has a recruitment company that is dedicated to socially responsible hiring. Through information sessions, Astra is bringing awareness to the local government and commerce of the opportunity to grow businesses by hiring skilled foreign workers while creating a global impact on society.

Among the Astra Centar delegation was its officers from its main company in US, Aster International. Most notably its Board President Guillaume Sarkozy and CEO Leah Zveglich. Guillaume shared his delight for the warm welcome the team had received. He especially mentioned that he was impressed with the city government’s push to make Koprivnica up-to-date with the times through its technology and investment initiatives. Zveglich closed the meeting with an eye-opening insight on not only bringing foreign workers to the city but also on bringing potential investors to explore opportunities that can support the city’s growth.