Socially responsible hiring of foreign workers offers hoteliers and caterers a solution to the increasing problem of the lack of labor force enables smooth operation. Astra Centar, a Croatian subsidiary of a public benefit corporation for social impact, introduces a new concept of hiring in Croatia.

Yesterday at Hotel Kompas in Dubrovnik in cooperation with the Croatian Chamber of Economy – Dubrovnik County Chamber, the Chamber of Crafts of Dubrovnik-Neretva County and the Guild of Caterers and Tourism Workers in the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts, Astra Centar  presented to the attending hoteliers and caterers a model of socially responsible hiring in Croatia.

Astra Centar’s CEO Leah Zveglich explained to the participants the aims of socially responsible hiring which is to meet the needs of employers and workers – employers grow their business and workers get the opportunity to work and achieve financial sustainability. Those are also the principles of benefit corporations, Astra Centar being one of the small numbers of companies around the world, which operate to provide social impact for the community not just for their company and employees.

 Dubrovnik Info Session

Business representatives were eager to hear about Astra Centar and the work it is doing in Croatia to augment the workforce issue

Astra Centar is part of a global B-Corp movement which supports the UN goals for sustainable development – sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

Ms. Nikolina Trojić from Dubrovnik County Chamber and Ms. Nikolina Farčić, President of the Guild of Caterers and Tourism Workers, recognized the importance of such, in their words humane hiring, and expressed their support for the intentions of Astra Centar. For Mr. Stjepan Perić, a caterer from Dubrovnik, this model is the only right model and he encourages companies in tourism workers to adopt it.

Ivana Petrušić, Director of recruitment, and Tomislav Petrušić, Director for Croatia of Astra Centar, also attended the presentation and explained in more detail the procedure of hiring foreign workers – from recruiting and training to bringing workers to Croatia – all this with the aim of facilitating employment procedure both for employers and for workers.