RIJEKA, April 2019 — The Croatian Chamber of Commerce – Regional Chamber in Rijeka (HGK Rijeka) held a joint session and presented new measures of active policies and solutions for workforce shortage. In attendance were representatives of the Professional Group of Wood Processing Industries, Professional Construction Groups, the Professional Association of the Municipal Economy, the Trade Group of the Metal Processing Industry, the Vocational Groups for the Development of Human Resources, the Vocational Training Group of Food and Drink HGK ŽK Rijeka and Astra Centar. The Croatian Chamber of Commerce is the umbrella organization for Croatian entrepreneurship with regional offices that promote, advocate and protect the interests of its members.  

HGK Advisor for Employment Policy and Employment Davorko Vidović, warned members of the Chamber about the dramatic lack of skilled workforce affecting the economy, which is why companies are faced with huge challenges to reach the workers they need.

According to the international agency Manpower, Croatia is the world record holder of the lack of manpower in relation to the number of employees. Among the possible solutions is the employment of foreign workers.

Denis Delogu, Astra Centar Director of Regional Operations, and the only private recruitment company invited to the forum presented a model of socially responsible hiring which supports the sustainable economic growth of Croatia by bringing foreign workers and integrating them into the working environment and the community.

Vidović recognized the potential positive impact of bringing foreign workers quoting Delogu several times during the forum. He added that the Chamber has been consulted in drafting a revised policy that will eliminate quotas for importing foreign workers expected to be released in June.

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